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Lund Boat Parts

Ordering Lund Boat Seats

Lund Boat Seats can easily be replaced, our Lund boat parts specialist will make sure you are ordering the correct seat for your Lund make and model. Just use our Lund Boat Seats request form to connect with our parts department, it’s that easy. Lund OEM parts are built with the same durability and quality as Lund boats. 

Our goal is to get you back on the water as fast as possible so please provide as much information as possible when sending in your parts request. We carry Lund OEM seats for all make and models. This includes seats for Tyee, Renegade, Pro Guide, Pro-V, Fury and Baron.

Lund is a Brunswick brand so we can offer the lowest prices for the best quality boats and parts. We look forward to helping you with your parts needs today. Thank you for choosing

Available OEM Lund Boat Seats

All OEM Lund replacement seats are available. With that said, it does get more difficult to replace seats on older Lund models, especially for boats older than 2013. We will still do our best to fill these orders for you so please still reach out with your Lund boat seat replacement requests. Our OEM Lund boat parts specialists are happy to help and it’s much easier than trying to find and use a Lund boat parts catalog.

Here is a list of available OEM Lund Boat Seats.

  • Lund Tyee boat seats
  • Lund Renegade boat seats 
  • Lund Rebel replacement seats
  • Lund Pro-V boat seats
  • Lund Pro Guide boat seats
  • Impact boat seats
  • Fury replacement seats 
  • Baron boat seats
  • Lund Fisherman boat seats 

Only authorized Lund boat dealers are approved to sell Lund boat parts online. Your Lund parts seller should also sell Lund boats, that is the easiest way to check the credibility of your parts seller. For all other OEM Lund replacement boat parts click here, we also sell Lund boat windshields and OEM Lund boat covers.  Thank you for choosing, we hope to see you on the water! 

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